UConn Football: Profit from Bowl Not to be Confused With Benefit

The aversion to a true playoff in college football at its most basic level can be explained in financial terms.  The bowl system, and BCS, is simply too profitable to consider another alternative.  The current arrangement injects number of games with meaning that would otherwise be no more than an early round playoff game, or at worse may not exist.  That meaning translates to dollars for the universities and the conferences.

But for UConn, the PapaJohns.com bowl will not be a  moneymaker according to the Hartford Courant’s Desmond Conner:

UConn made less than $19,000 from the International Bowl last season, with revenue and expenses each surpassing $1 million, according to figures provided by the athletic department. That surplus goes back to the athletic department. School officials are expecting perhaps a little more this season, given the warm-weather site and the opponent.

As I mentioned back in April 2008 while discussing UConn’s appearance in the Meineke Car Care Bowl UConn Football: Bowl Game Not a Rainmaker, whether UConn’s bottom line reflects a profit is not necessarily indicative of whether the university receives a benefit. 

A bowl allows a school to pour money back into its program in addition to the recruiting and marketing exposure generated from a bowl appearance.  A bowl allows for an additional month of practice for players and coaches.  So while UConn’s balance sheet may not show a large profit, make no mistake that the university receives a significant benefit from the football team’s appearance in a bowl game.


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  1. […] left out.  The situation reminds me of UConn’s appearances in the Meineke Car Care Bowl, the PapaJohns.com Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl, none of which were rainmakers for UConn.  In fact, UConn lost $1,663,560 by […]

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