Friday Sports Briefs

Congress Takes Aim at the BCS

Howard Wasserman at the Sports Law Blog discusses H.R. 390 which prohibits the BCS from promoting, marketing or advertising the BCS as a national championship game unless a single-elimination playoff is in place.  Wasserman points out a potential First Amendment problem with the bill and offers a more direct solution:

…Given the strong interstate commerce connections of collegiate sports, it seems that Congress could directly compel the NCAA and its members to adopt a playoff. It also could have attached a playoff system as a condition on federal funds (which every NCAA member school receives). So it seems odd to incentivize the NCAA into adopting a playoff by going after expression. Seems like what the First Amendment is designed to prevent.

The NFL Agent’s Presentation to Prospective Clients

NFL Agent Jack Bechta, who also writes for the National Football Post provides an overview of the presentation he makes to prospective recruits.  Aspiring agents should follow Bechta’s column.

Massachusetts Town Reverts to Use of Metal Bats

Jason Wolf at the Sports Agent and Sports Lawyer blog writes that the Wellesley (MA) Little League will begin using metal bats after 8 years of using wood bats.  Guest blogger Jarett Warner touched on this issue on Connecticut Sports Law last year in Family Sues Little League, Retailer and Metal Bat Manufacturer Over Personal Injuries Suffered by Child.

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