UConn-Notre Dame: “That was for Jazz”

“That was for Jazz”, UConn running back Andre Dixon appeared to proclaim while walking off the field following his game-winning touchdown in Saturday’s thrilling double-overtime victory over Notre Dame.  UConn Head Coach Randy Edsall echoed similar sentiments in his post-game interview, in which he talked about sending the game ball to the family of Jasper Howard. 

But this game – unquestionably the most important victory of UConn’s Division I program – was not only for Jazz.  It was for every UConn player.   The Huskies lost a teammate, a brother and a friend in Howard.  Their efforts to honor Howard on the football field fell just short in three consecutive, agonizing losses.  At Notre Dame, however, there was triumph.  There was relief.  There were tears of joy.  All on a campus at which football and religion are intertwined and sometimes indistinguishable from each other.

Following the game, Huskies fans congregated outside of the gates of the House that Rockne Built, waiting for the UConn players and coaches to emerge.  Fans blended with family and friends of UConn players in a joyous scene.  Autographs were signed, pictures were snapped, and hugs were exchanged. 

In the backdrop of UConn’s post-game congregation, the Hesburgh Library bearing the depiction of Touchdown Jesus was lit against the night’s sky.  Perhaps that reminded them of their teammate to whom they dedicated this win.


  1. […] as a Husky, Dixon rushed for over 1,000 yards and 12 touchdowns.  Dixon played a prominent role in UConn’s signature double-overtime victory over Notre Dame and the bowl victory over South Carolina.   Despite attempts to break onto an NFL roster as […]

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