UConn to Play in Shadow of Touchdown Jesus on Saturday

It’s been long road to South Bend for the UConn football program.  Twenty months ago I wrote my first article about the possibility of a football series between UConn and Notre Dame, UCONN-Notre Dame: How Far Should UConn Go to Play in the House that Rockne Built?.  At that time, details of the contract negotiations between the universities became public and were subject to considerable debate.  Especially the fact that Notre Dame sought a deal under which UConn would play its home games at Giants Stadium or Gillette Stadium, but not Rentschler Field.  Members of the Connecticut General Assembly even attempted to pass legislation prohibiting UConn from playing home games away from The Rent.

What ultimately followed was a 1-game contract for a game at South Bend this coming Saturday.  All bets are off for a long-term deal.  Perhaps due to the fact that Saturday’s game might be UConn’s only trip to South Bend, there has been some terrific coverage of UConn-Notre Dame.  Here are some of my favorites:

Jeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant wrote a great article on UConn QB Zach Frazer’s return to Notre Dame in Frazer Needs To Stay A Kid At Heart At ND.  If you read one article, read this one.

Desmond Conner of the Hartford Courant posed a question on his blog: What Does UConn-Notre Dame Football Mean to You.  Check out the comments.

Although this article by ESPN.com’s Kieran Darcy is a few years old, it truly captures the experience of attending a Notre Dame football game: When Irish eyes are smiling

Sox & Dawgs has gathered some of the best links in its 11/18 and 11/19 “Paw Prints” posts.

For Connecticut Sports Law’s coverage of UConn-Notre Dame, see the following posts:

UConn-Notre Dame: How Far Should Notre Dame Go to Play in the House that Rockne Built?

UConn Football: Series With Notre Dame Still Under Consideration

UConn v. Notre Dame Update: General Assembly Clears Path to South Bend

Revisiting the UConn-Notre Dame Football Series

UConn-Notre Dame Series May Be Dead

I hope to see some of you in South Bend this weekend.


  1. […] UConn to Play in Shadow of Touchdown Jesus on Saturday […]

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