UFL First Half Report: What Stands Out?

Brooks_regPassing Game: despite a few near misses, the passing appears to be a step up from what UConn fans are used to; after all the QBs – Brooks Bollinger and Quinn Gray (who got hurt right before the half) – have legitimate NFL experience

Advertising: long, short video boards with changing advertisements stretch along the sidelines and in the end zones, with advertising facing the TV cameras are an interesting touch

Branding: uniforms for both teams bear the same design, with different colors; the UFL’s signature lime green is everywhere – green down markers, pylons, goal post pads, etc.; fireworks add a professional feel

Attendance: appears sparse – even the first-level chair-back seats are not full; this is probably no surprise – little marketing or advertising went into this game

Guys in Whalers Jerseys: several have been spotted; any conversation about professional sports begins with the Hartford Whalers.  Can a UFL team attract those fans of the former Whalers?  Can a UFL team sell itself as Hartford’s only professional sports franchise?  Or will it be viewed as another minor league offering on par with the Wolfpack, Rock Cats, Bluefish, etc.?

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