Rutgers-UConn Rivalry Deserves a Bigger Stage

bigeastBy Richard Kent

There is some talent in Big East football.  The perception nationally is much worse than the reality.  Cincinnati is a legitimate Top 10 team.  Pittsburgh has some great young talent.  Noel Devine is a great running back for West Virginia.

The Conference needs a 9th team, if for no other reason than to balance out the uneven scheduling which has some teams playing 3 home games and others playing 4.  East Carolina may be the best candidate.

The Conference also needs to showcase rivalries like Rutgers-UConn.  The schools are less than 200 miles apart.  Their fans hate each other.  At least that is what the message boards reflect.  7 of the last 8 games have been decided by less than 10 points.

This past Saturday was no different, as Rutgers won 28-24 by scoring in the last minute in an emotional game honoring the memory of Jasper Howard of UConn.

It is clearly the biggest game of the year for both teams.  UConn quarterback Zach Frazier has already said that he has circled next year’s game in Piscataway.

The teams should either play the day after Thanksgiving on national television or play the last game of the season in the Big East in December.

Pittsburgh-West Virginia is a great rivalry.  Rutgers-UConn is approaching that level.  Let’s let the country know about it.

KentVeteran sports writer Richard Kent has authored a number of sports books, including Lady Vols and UConn: The Greatest Rivalry, Inside Women’s College Basketball: Anatomy of a Season, and Inside the US Open.  Most recently, Kent released a novel entitled The Racket, which tells the story of a African-American tennis player in Hartford, Connecticut.  In addition to his prodigious writing, Kent is a matrimonial lawyer in Fairfield, Connecticut.

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