Sports Briefs

quinn1Future of Quinnipiac Volleyball Still in Doubt?

A recent post on the Title IX Blog discusses the state of women’s volleyball at Quinnipiac.  More specifically, the post queries whether Quinnipiac will consider once again cutting its volleyball team, now that competitive cheering has resolved the school’s gender inequities.

For more on the Quinnipiac Title IX case, see the following posts:

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Quinnipiac Volleyball Players Testify in Title IX Lawsuit

Title IX Lawsuit Brings More Unwanted Attention for Quinnipiac

Quinnpiac Faces Title IX Lawsuit Over Elimination of Women’s Volleyball

raidersRaiders’ Coach May Not Face Charges

Tom Cable, Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders, may not face charges in the assault of Raiders’ assistant Randy Hanson.  Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes that other Raider assistant coaches may not have corroborated Hanson’s story.

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