Friday Sports Briefs

UConn Players Make UFL’s New York Roster

Former UConn football players Dan Davis and Alfred Fincher were listed on the roster of the UFL’s New York Sentinels.  The Sentinels are scheduled to play the Florida Tuskers at Rentschler Field on November 12.  Keanu Reeves is not listed as a QB for the Sentinels.

David Givens Sues Titans

David Givens, the former New England Patriot and Tennessee Titan, has sued the Titans in connection with a career-ending knee injury.  The gist of Givens’ Complaint is that Titans team doctors discovered a potentially serious knee injury in his pre-contract physical, but never advised him of the condition.  Givens subsequently suffered a serious knee injury.  What is somewhat unclear is why the Titans would sign a player with a preexisting injury to a large contract in the first place.  Mike Florio over at Pro Football Talk has a good write up on the caseRobert Boland at the National Football Post also does a nice job with this story.

This case appears to have some similarities to the suit that Tebucky Jones filed against Patriots’ team doctors.

Bankruptcy Judge Rejects Bids of Both Coyotes Bidders

Judge Redfield T. Baum has rejected both the NHL and Jim Balsillie’s bids to purchase the Coyotes.  The decision is regarded as a victory for the NHL, as Judge Baum ruled that NHL’s relocation rules must be adhered to.  Look for more analysis from Dan Canavan next week.

The Boss at Giants Stadium

Despite the lack of a sports law connection, Bruce Springsteen is playing his final shows at Giants Stadium.  Check out the video of “American Land” in Dublin to get you ready for the weekend, and if you’re lucky, the Boss in concert.


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