Friday Sports Briefs

chalkboardcropped1Insure Your Fantasy Team

As I write this, I am pining my fantasy football hopes for this weekend on Jay Cutler.  My starting QB – Donavan McNabb – is still recovering from a rib injury.  Of course, my team is in markedly better shape than those who picked Tom Brady last year, and lost him in the first quarter of the opening game.   According to the Insurance & Reinsurance Blog, published by the law firm of Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge, help is one the way, in the form of fantasy sports insurance:

According to reports from major media outlets, at least one licensed insurance broker is marketing a fantasy sports insurance policy, where the policyholder would be reimbursed for his/her entry fee in the event that a professional athlete misses a certain number of games.  That way, when a season ending injury occurs to a key player, the policyholder in theory can be made whole.

Click here for the article in its entirety

Thanks to A.J. Kritzman for the link!

OBH_Logo_Web_SmallOur Baseball Haven Update

Our Baseball Haven (OBH), which hopes to provide what I have termed “extreme fantasy baseball” in Connecticut, has made some changes to its model.  First, OBH has secured a home field – in Torrington, Connecticut, rather than New Haven.  Second, OBH has extended its membership drive to October 18th.  If you have interest in purchasing a membership, entitling to vote on virtually all off-field business relating to a NECBL team, act now.  OBH needs just 536 memberships to make their dream a reality.


  1. Just keep in mind it’s all in ones brain what you might accomplish and how fast

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