Senator Kennedy’s Legacy Includes Title IX

ted-kennedyWith the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, there will surely be innumerable tributes to one of the most accomplished Senators in American history.  Few of those tributes will discuss sports law at great length.  However, Senator Kennedy’s legislative work significantly impacted sports, and sports law.  Kennedy was a key supporter of Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments which increased athletic opportunities for women and remains a vital area of sports law to this day.

President Obama’s remarks at the Medal of Freedom ceremony on August 12 provide a wonderful glimpse into Kennedy’s political ideals:

There’s a story Ted Kennedy sometimes tells.  It’s about a boy who sees an old man tossing starfish stranded by a receding tide back into the sea.  “There are so many,” asks the boy, “what difference can your efforts possibly make?”  The old man studies the starfish in his hand and tosses it to safety, saying:  “It makes a difference to that one.”  For nearly half a century, Ted Kennedy has been walking that beach, making a difference for that soldier fighting for freedom, that refugee looking for a way home, that senior searching for dignity, that worker striving for opportunity, that student aspiring to college, that family reaching for the American Dream.  The life of Senator Edward M. Kennedy has made a difference for us all.


  1. Interesting story, Thanks

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