Tuesday Sports Briefs

Ken McGagh / Daily News

More on McCummings

Sean Jacquet of the The MetroWest Daily News features Natick quarterback Scott McCummings, who has committed to UConn.  According to Jacquet, UConn envisions using McCummings as a quarterback:

Several other schools (Syracuse, Stanford, Harvard, Vanderbilt, Rutgers, Florida International) courted the 6-foot-2, 215-pound McCummings - Syracuse reportedly rated him as its top overall recruit - but UConn won out because of how they plan to use the dual-threat QB. Whereas some of the other schools viewed McCummings as a safety or receiver, UConn envisioned him as a quarterback, the only position he’s ever wanted to play.

Big Baby’s Weight Clause

Michael McCann over on Sports Law Blog writes about Glen Davis of the Boston Celtics, whose new contract includes $500,000 per season bonuses for keeping his weight in check.  McCann asks whether the sports world will turn to contractual clauses and monetary bonuses to combat rising obesity rates.  In my opinion, the Celtics are simply taking a page from the NFL, where weight clauses and/or bonuses appear more common, at least with lineman.

Kentucky High School Football Coach Faces Charges

Jason Stinson, a high school football coach in Kentucky, faces charges in the death of one his his players, Max Gilpin.  Stinson faces charges of first-degree wanton endangerment and reckless homicide in connection with Gilpin’s tragic death

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