Dan Canavan Interviewed on Phoenix Coyotes Bankruptcy

dan_canavan1Peter James of Canwest News Service interviewed Dan Canavan, Connecticut Sports Law’s hockey expert, on Phoenix Coyotes’ bankruptcy proceedings for his article entitled Twisted series of issues continue to haunt Coyotes’ situation.  James’ article was published in a number of media outlets, including The National Post.

Here are some highlights of Dan’s comments:

Dan Canavan, a lawyer based in Hartford, Conn., believes it’s unlikely Baum would force the league to accept Balsillie, but he said the judge could encourage the two sides to continue to work out their differences.

“It’s theoretically possible a judge could accept his bid as being the highest – and he would do that to get the most money to the creditors as possible – but I don’t see how that works,” Canavan said in a phone interview. “I don’t think a judge in Phoenix can tell the NHL that this person has to be part of your 30-person club.”

Canavan believes the NHL might have been better off working with Balsillie from the start, rather than rejecting his advances outright.

“When this started, did the NHL make a calculated error? Should they have just pulled in Balsillie and said this is what we need you to do to make this work?” he said. “Instead, they basically told Balsillie, ‘We don’t want anything to do with you.’ “

The article also quoted Michael McCann of SI.com and Sports Law Blog.


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