Former Patriot Tebucky Jones Sues Team Docs

PATRIOTS JETSNew Britain native and former New England Patriot Tebucky Jones has filed suit in Massachusetts state court against Patriots’ team doctors, who he claims failed to diagnose and inform him of a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee suffered in August 2006.  According to Jessica Fargen of the Boston Herald, Jones names Dr. Thomas J. Gill IV, head physician for the Patriots and also the Red Sox medical director; Dr. Bertram Zarins, another Patriots physician; Rhode Island Hospital’s Dr. Jeffrey M. Brody; and Shields MRI as defendants.  The Patriots are not named in the suit.  Jones alleges that the failure to properly diagnose and inform him of his injury cost him his football career.

A few early and general notes on this lawsuit:

  • The defense will likely take a two-pronged approach, and attempt to prove that (1) the doctors did not deviate from the standard of care; and (2) even if they were negligent in failing to properly diagnose the injury, that negligence did not cause the end of Jones’ career. 
  • With respect to whether the alleged failure to diagnose ended Jones’ career, the defense may argue that Jones’ 8-year career was longer than the NFL average; that the knee injury effective ended his career, regardless of the diagnosis; and that Jones’ career was nearing an end regardless of the injury.
  • Jones is likely to argue that he would have made the Patriots and fulfilled his 2-year contract with the team, and may have received another contract before his playing days ended.
  • In an unusual strategy, Jones recorded an interview with the Boston Herald regarding his claims, which is posted on the Herald’s website.
  • At this point, we are only dealing with allegations and the defendants have yet to answer the allegations or assert any defenses.

Thanks to Brian McLaughlin for providing the link to the Herald’s story.


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