Correction: No Secret Clause for Rutgers, Schiano

In my previous post entitled “Revisiting the UConn-Notre Dame Series” I referred to an earlier post that I had written about coaching contracts, and cited reports by the Star-Ledger that Rutgers coach Greg Schiano had a secret clause in his contract allowing him to leave the university should the stadium renovation not be completed on time. 

Thanks to avoid Rutgers fans Scott and Jim, among others, I have been informed that I was mistaken – there was not a secret clause in Schiano’s contract.   Please see the following articles for clarification:

Despite Previous Denials Rutgers Stadium Project to Be Scaled Down

It was reported last week by the Star-Ledger of Newark that Schiano would not have to pay a $500,000 buyout of his contract if the stadium is not completed on time. The story was picked up on the home pages of ESPN and Sports Illustrated Web sites. The Fox Sports site gave it the headline: “Secret deal could let Schiano leave Rutgers.”

But there was no deal — secret or otherwise — according to Mulcahy and a source close to Schiano familiar with the details of the contract.

Click on the above link for the entire story.

Mulcahy Defends His Record as Rutgers AD; Insists He Did Nothing Wrong

In a later interview with sports radio station WFAN, Mulcahy criticized The Star-Ledger’s coverage of the athletic department’s finances.

“They’ve been on a vendetta,” he said of the newspaper. “They use adjectives — there’s nothing I can do about it. They have the right to print stuff. I just disagree.”

He added: “They wouldn’t print some of the answers I gave them, so I gave up talking to them.”

Click on the above link for the entire story.

Thanks again to all who provided comments and pointed out my mistake.  In addition, I will be deleting any references to Rutgers in my post which appears to have distracted from the intended subjects, UConn and Notre Dame.


  1. Thank you for keeping your word.

  2. LBusDoor90 says:

    Good stuff. Thanks again. – Scott

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