NY Giants Tap Waiting List, Still Can’t Sell PSLs



Last August, with some help from Gary Solomon, I wrote about the Jets and Giants’ decision to sell PSLs in their new shared stadium.  Despite sifting through their enormous waiting list, the New York Giants have been unable to sell out their new stadium.  Neil Best of Newsday (by way of ProFootballTalk.com) writes:

One of the most famous waiting lists in sports has ceased to exist, for most practical purposes.

The Giants have contacted as many of the 140,000 or so on their list as they could find but haven’t sold out of personal seat licenses at levels with prices of $20,000, $12,500 and $7,500.

Maybe its the economy or perhaps fans have tired over being bled dry to support new stadiums for professional sports franchises.  But the Giants must be rethinking the decision to sell PSLs in light of the Yankee Stadium Moat.

Getty Images Photo

Getty Images Photo


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