Connecticut Athlete Agent Regulation

One of this morning’s panels at the Sports Lawyers Association conference discussed the regulation of athlete agents.  The panel included counsel for the Texas Secretary of State, the entity charged with regulating agents in the Lone Star State - a significant responsibility considering there are 236 colleges in Texas.

What type of regulatory system has Connecticut adopted for agents?

Connecticut has passed the Uniform Athlete Agent Act (General Statutes Sections 20-559 et seq.), requiring athlete agents to register with the Commissioner of Consumer Protection and pay a $200 fee.

Note that there is a provision for an agent who is contacted by an athlete before registering with the State.  An athlete agent is not required to register with the State providing:

  1. The agent is contacted by a student-athlete or person acting on behalf of that student-athlete; and
  2. The agent submits an application for registration within “seven days after an initial act as an athlete agent”

Failure to adhere to these requirements could void a contract between an agent and an athlete.

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