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Profile of John Nathans: Former Bluefish Catcher, Plaintiff in Offerman Suit

bluefishStan Grossfeld of the Boston Globe profiled John Nathans, the former Bridgeport Bluefish catcher injured when former major leaguer Jose Offerman charged the mound after being hit by a pitch.  Nathans sued Offerman in federal court in Connecticut, and reportedly seeks $4.8 million in damages from Offerman and his former team, the Long Island Ducks.

It appears that Nathans takes issue with the way in which the State of Connecticut handled the criminal case against Offerman.   Offerman was granted accelerated rehabilitation, two years probation and was required to undergo anger management counseling.  In addition, Offerman was was required to pay for the medical expenses of Nathans and the Bluefish pitcher who was injured.

“In this case, the judicial system did not hold him accountable for what he did. He assaulted two people with a bat, and if you did that on the street, you’d be in jail for a very long time.”

“This lawsuit is all about making someone accountable for their actions,” says Nathans. “There was no resolution to this. He walked away and lived his life.

“He’s still in the game, playing baseball. I have not been allowed to live my life the way it was intended. My life is changed forever.”

I’d be very interested in hearing from attorneys who practice criminal law for their take on Offerman’s punishment.

Thanks to Brian McLaughlin for providing the link to the Globe’s story.

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