A New Chapter of the Michael Oher Story

The best moment of this year’s NFL Draft was unquestionably the Baltimore Ravens’ selection of Ole Miss tackle Michael Oher wih the 23rd pick of the first round.  Oher’s story - documented in Michael Lewis’ best-selling book The Blind Side - has been recounted by various outlets, but perhaps none better than the profile by ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.  Congratulations to Michael Oher and his family, whose story is truly an inspiration.  If you haven’t seen this video, take a few minutes to watch.

UPDATE: This video is no longer available on ESPN.com.  Here is a video from CBS Sports that covers Oher’s story.


  1. This is an AMAZING story! I cannot wait until the movie The Blindside come out. It is wonderful to know that people like the Tuohy’s still exist in this world…God Bless them! I wish Big Mike the best of luck in his new pro football career.

  2. Irene Hanson says:

    I have a “special daughter” who has had to overcome many challenges in life. She is not the NATIONAL STAR that Michael has become, but she is a GIANT star in our family. Not only has she beena member of the Special Olympics Teams for over 25 years, she not helps and teaches those athletes with less abiltiy.
    We went to see the BLIND SIDE movie together. We both wept. We both appreciated. We both loved it.
    God Bless Michael and his “parents” .

  3. Bernadette Hanson says:

    I have seen this movie twice already and loved it.
    To Michael I wish you all the very best in your new Pro football career. I hope it’s a very long one for you. You should be extremly proud of yourself for all you have accomplished. I Coach Special 0lympics kids with less ability than I myself have.
    God Bless Michael and his Parents

  4. Joan Unger says:

    I loved the movie about your life, Michael. I have taught underprivledged and special needs children for many years. You worked hard and succeded and persevered under extreme diversities. You accepted help from an amazing family without attitude and a sense of “you owe me”. My biggest hope for you is that you will someday give back to other boys in your situation and teach them that through hard work and dedication to school, they can succeed at anything they put their mind too when they respect their teachers and accept help grasciously.

  5. I am doing my term paper on the life of michael oher. He is an amazing athelete, but i am so glad that they made this movie. I never realized that things can be that bad on the streets. This movie touched my heart, and i learned a lot from it..

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