UConn Football Plays Major Role in NFL Draft


When I was in law school at UConn, the bookstore sold a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan: “UConn Law: A law school the basketball team can be proud of.”  After this weekend’s NFL Draft, I wonder if we’ll see a new slogan – “UConn Football: a football team the basketball team can be proud of.” 

Although basketball still takes top billing at UConn, the football program saw 4 players drafted in the first 2 rounds of the NFL Draft:

  • Donald Brown – Colts
  • Darius Butler – Pats
  • William Beatty – Giants
  • Cody Brown – Cardinals

No UConn players were drafted on Day 2 of the Draft, but 4 players signed free agent contracts:

After the first day of the Draft only USC sent more players to the NFL than UConnJeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant wrote of the Huskies’ ascension:

They got their stadium in 2003.  They got into the Big East in 2004.  They got state-of-the art practice facilities in 2006.  They grabbed a share of the Big East title in 2007.  They’ve won two of three bowl games dating to Dec. 27, 2004.  They’ve been honored four times in the past six years for their graduation rates.  And now they have proved they’re not hanging on a prayer. They are developing top-flight talent.

The Draft provided priceless exposure for the UConn football program.  For the first time potential recruits know that they can play at UConn and be a first-round draft choice.  Combine that with UConn playing Notre Dame this fall, and the stage is set for UConn to take another step forward with its football program.


  1. How did Uconn’s draft day match up against the rest of the Big East?

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  4. […] 2009, the UConn football program left an undeniable impression upon the NFL Draft, with four players chosen in the first two rounds.  In 2010, two UConn players were chosen.  UConn looks to continue its success in the 2011 NFL […]

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