NFL Draft: Michael Oher’s Incredible Success Story

Ole Miss Tackle Michael Oher is pegged to be drafted in the first half of the first round of Saturday’s NFL Draft.  But to equate Oher’s draft status with success overlooks the incredible odds that Oher has been fighting since birth.

Oher was the central figure in Michael Lewis’ book The Blind Side.  Billed as the football version of Moneyball, the book is really a human interest story, not a business of sports piece.

See the video below for a preview of Oher’s story, but keep in mind that there is no substitute for reading this book (although a movie version is on the way). It is a story that is a must-read for anyone interested in sports or seeking inspiration.

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  1. Michael Oher’s story is truly remarkable and deserves to be told around the world. The best thing that will come of it is that young kids in his position today will look at him and realize that there’s still hope.

  2. Michael Oher’s story is very remarkable. He stood up for himself and shows kids that to never give up and that there is still hope.

  3. I have never herd of this story until I seen the previews for the movie. I am so excited to learn more about him when the movie comes out. Now I can’t wait to see him play some football. It is very refreshing to know there are still people out there willing to help others out. Truly a blessing.

    • I didnt find out about the story till the movie came out, i watched it every night for a long time, it was so inspiring and gave me chills throughout the movie that a family would take someone in off the street and just have faith and trust in a stranger. Truly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It completely warmed my heart and got me into football and watching the ravens.One of the most amazing stories I have ever heard. Now i have to get the book and see if they have any extra in the book.!!!

  4. Dan Fitzgerald says:

    Nicole, you would really enjoy the book - “The Blind Side” by Michael Lewis.



  6. venicementor says:

    I think Michael’s story is one of the best I have heard about in ages. I hope the movie is a success and that it serves as an inspiration for all those who are thinking about giving up. I am getting the book and there will be a few copies on their way to young people I know who will benefit from reading this wonderful story. Pure reality, not BS, I love it and we need to hear more of these types of stories on a daily basis instead of all the negative stuff we get on the news. Thank you Michael and Touhy’s for “putting out out there”.

  7. I just want to say that I have never heard of Michael Ohers until yesterday when I got free passes to a prescreening of the movie. It was an amazing movie and am going out today to buy the book. Such an inspiring story and a wonderful family to have done what they did for Michael. I am not a football fan by far by might have to start watching the Ravens!! GO Michael!!

  8. I would just like to say’ that it is a good reminder for me! when I think that my life, has been a living hell. I really didn’t have it that great” but this story also reminds me that I didn’t have it that bad! thanks’ for the story and good lucky with your life.

  9. The Touhy’s made me think of what I could do to help even one child. You are an inspiration and you all are lucky to have had a chance to change each other’s lives. God Bless.

  10. This is truly the most amazing story that I have heard in a long time. This family is such an inspiration, especially Michael. Hearing this story has motivated me in ways that I never imagined. I appreciate that this man was recognized for rising above when all odds were against him and his story should be told to every child struggling with the idea of having a future off the streets. It is also nice to know that there are people out there willing to take a risk to give someone a life that they deserve.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for bringing this story to the public’s attention.

  11. We just went to see the movie, “Blind Side” this evening. I am impressed that Hollywood decided to emphasis on the positive points in Michael’s life. He did come from an unprivileged background, but God had a better purpose for his life…. influence everyone and anyone who is willing to hear his testimony.

    We appreciate the retelling of his personal story. We wish him the best. Be blessed. 🙂

  12. Michael your story has inspired me so much, God has blessed you completely.
    God Bless

  13. Joe L

    I am a disable Marine, who complaints so much our the system, being self center and selfish at that.
    Afte watching the movie, I weeped not relizing how
    bless I really am. Thank you God for using this bright young man to open my eyes again. Thank You
    Michael,God Speed..

  14. marky mark says:

    watching this movie made me cry. it’s so touching!

  15. I heard of Michael the first time from watching the OPRAH show i recentley went to the theater and saw the movie what can I say that hasn’t already been said I am moved by the inspriation and the love that this wonderful family opened there hearts and home to this young man.Michael what a wonderful life you have god bless you and your family .

  16. michael oher be bless

  17. Hey what was that bro looking at, that’s insane

  18. This is such a heart warming story
    i cryed when i saw the movie and read this book.
    Im so touched that a family like the Ts would do such a wonder ful thing the 1st time he had a bed had real food
    So sad that he didnt have his real mother there to support him or his father

  19. I am from Romania and here not even play that sport! Never heard of Michael Oher until I saw the film! I do not know what can I say! RESPECT! This man and his family deserve only the RESPECT! To take a man by the street and you can adopt one and not some big deal! And also to grow in the entourage and still choose to be different …. Outstanding! Do not you believe that these stories are true! Tell stories because it’s a beautiful story of a young person to learn and work even if it was taken under the wing of a family with money! There should be more cases like this! RESPECT again!

  20. Raulita Feemster says:

    I cry watching Michael Oher movie. I came from the Philippines. Remind my own life being poor, no food, no clothes living in a shack. I love true story like cinderela. Like me dream come true if you work hard and set your goal. I live and the United States since 1977.Las Vegas, Nevada.He is now rich and my hero.

  21. Melba Megensik says:

    Truly inspiring AWESOME story. Have not read the book. Just saw the movie. Loved it. Hats off the family that took Michael in and Hats off to Michael. I too just might watch a football game or two now, though I am not a football fan.

  22. Penny Jones says:

    This story is amazing!!!! I am a teacher and I came from a poor area, I always wanted to give back to kids like those I grew up with…and now I do. I am so happy for Michael. It makes me feel so good to see that others were able to get away from the hard beginnings and have a meaningful life in a dream world.

  23. Penny Jones says:

    By the way, kudos to awesome parents! I am also a mom and I fell in love with Michael’s new family just watching the movie “Blindside” so hang in there kids…yes, there are awesome parents out there that really care about more than themselves. In fact, I think this reminds me of a Noah moment…where God decides to save the world because he finally finds someone that deserves his protection. Rock on Family!!

  24. I’m going to save this as inspiration and refer visitors from my website. I have put up additional ideas too, so I will add a hypelink to your post (if OK) on my site?

  25. Aislinn stewart says:

    micheal oher is very interesting iwould love to know more about him but most of all i would love to meet him. i went to see the movie blindside and if any one asked about it i would not only tell them about it i would recommend it. i dont usuelly like to watch movies twice because i have already seen it and i know how it ends but this movie i could watch it every day and i would not once get bored of it. micheal could be a role model for every one and the world would be so very perfect. micheal scored 92% in pertective thing. even when they asked micheal about to be part of there family it looked as if he was gonna say NO but he thought he already was. i adore that film and most of all i adore Micheal.

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  1. […] Michael Oher Story On Its Way to the Theatres The incredible story of Baltimore Ravens’ tackle Michael Oher is coming to the big screen.   Based on Michael Lewis’ book The Blind Side, the movie bears […]

  2. […] The incredible story of Baltimore Ravens’ tackle Michael Oher is coming to the big screen.   Based on Michael Lewis’ book The Blind Side, the movie bears the same title and is scheduled to hit theatres on November 20. […]

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