Attorney General Works to Block Proposed Golf Course

As Connecticut golfers start to dust off their clubs and visit the local driving ranges, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is taking extraordinary measures to block the development of the Yale Farms Golf Course in Litchfield County, as reported by Rinker Buck of the Hartford Courant:

In what Blumenthal, the state attorney general, called an “extraordinarily unusual” series of legal moves this month, he is, in effect, supplanting himself as the state’s chief environmental enforcer. Blumenthal has said that he disagrees with the project’s tentative approval by the state Department of Environmental Protection, which he represents, and that he opposes the golf course.

Another interesting element of this matter relates to the downturn in the business of golf:

The state’s environmental groups consider Yale Farm a critical test case. The sport of golf is in a national tailspin — 106 courses throughout the country closed last year — and many of Connecticut’s 200 golf clubs are struggling financially. Environmentalists question the wisdom of disrupting a critical watershed and wildlife area for a $30 million project that could fail.

Although many commentators often label sports recession-proof, that label only applies to the NFL, NBA and MLB, and nevertheless is not entirely accurate.  The effect of the economic conditions on participant sports, such as golf, tennis, skiing, etc. and sports facilities figures to be substantial.

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