UConn Recruiting Violations Links

uconn-baskeball-gampelDespite UConn’s Final Four matchup with Michigan State tomorrow, details surrounding UConn’s alleged recruiting violations continue to be explored.

Dave Altimari of the Hartford Courant discusses UConn’s legal fees in connection with the allegations:

In the past two years the state has paid Bond, Schoeneck & King, a firm with offices in Overland Park, Kan., near the NCAA headquarters, more than $182,000, records show.

Of the nearly $79,167 spent so far this year about $67,000 of it has been paid since Jan. 13. By that time school officials knew that the recruitment of Nate Miles and the program’s ties to former UConn team manager-turned-agent Josh Nochimson were being scrutinized.

Desmond Conner sheds some light on the relationship between former Husky and Detroit Piston Rip Hamilton and Josh Nochimson, the former student-manager who played a central role in the recruitment of Nate Miles:

“It’s crazy because when I left for the NBA, he was coming with me just to learn the business, learn how to be a manager for athletes or whatever,” Hamilton said Wednesday in the locker room before his Detroit Pistons met the Nets in New Jersey. “I didn’t pay him anything. I was like, ‘OK, you can come along.’ It was like an internship and that was it … and I saw how good he was at being a manager, helping me around the house, getting my stuff together, making sure … you know, he was like my personal assistant.

Michael Rosenberg of the Detriot Free Press  (found via Michael McCann’s post on the Sports Law Blog) opines on  Jim Calhoun’s response to the allegations and the coach’s relationship with Nochimson:

Calhoun called the Yahoo! report “a blog story, I guess” — an obvious attempt to make it seem like some know-nothing wrote the story in his basement. Calhoun neglected to mention that he knows the two Yahoo! journalists who wrote the story, Adrian Wojnarowski and Dan Wetzel, quite well, and has for more than 15 years.


Calhoun says Nochimson is “a good kid, worked hard.”

Why does he say this? Why is Jim Calhoun still sitting in a boat with a man who is accused of stealing a million bucks from one of Calhoun’s favorite players?

Maybe it’s because Calhoun knows if he has a falling-out with Nochimson, then Nochimson might flip on him and talk to the NCAA.

Maybe Josh Nochimson knows too much.

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