Monday Sports Briefs: UConn Basketball Edition

uconnThe UConn men’s basketball team, in advancing to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament, did its best to remove the accusations of NCAA violations from the front of the sports page.  Nevertheless, the alleged NCAA violations continue to be explored.

Paul Doyle of The Hartford Courant examines how UConn’s administration and oversight of its basketball program will be scrutinized, and addresses the potential of a finding of “lack of institutional control”.  Doyle quotes Oklahoma law Professor David Swank, former chairman of the NCAA Infractions Committee:

You’re looking at the athletic director, the head coaches, the central administration of the university…And the question is, did they provide the appropriate control over the athletic department or over the particular sport when you’re talking about a head coach?”

Jeff Jacobs of The Courant discusses the timing of the Yahoo! Sports story and its request that UConn turn over records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act:

…the story wasn’t held a week because Calhoun got sick in Philadephia. And in response to people who say Yahoo! should have waited until after the tournament, Wojnarowski said there’s the risk of other media outlets finding out.

The Courant was on the sniff. I know one other paper in the state knew something was up. Another one out of state, too. Competition isn’t limited to the basketball court.

The Courant also provides a quick guide to the NCAA investigative process.

The Money Players Blog looks at the UConn story from the perspective of the player, Nate Miles.  Money Players also includes a harsh analysis of Jim Calhoun.


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  1. […] Monday Sports Briefs: UConn Basketball Edition […]

  2. […] Monday Sports Briefs: UConn Basketball Edition […]

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