False Start: UFL Not Coming to Hartford in 2009

ufl3Although the upstart United Football League continued to tout Hartford as a home for one of the league’s inaugural franchises to begin play in 2009, details were severely lacking.  In fact, an owner or home field was never firmly secured.  A “Hartford/New York” team was recently referred to by the UFL, furthering the impression that Hartford was anything but a sure bet.  Now the UFL has confirmed that Hartford will not host a team in 2009.

In video posted on the UFL’s website, Commissioner Michael Huyghue states that the UFL’s “Premiere Season” will include four primary cities, with Hartford and Los Angeles potentially joining the league in 2010.

The UFL’s concept as a developmental league for the NFL is solid and its leadership appears strong.  But one must wonder if the UFL was better off waiting until 2010 to begin play.  The truncated “Premiere Season” and wavering locations for franchises does not inspire confidence among potential fans, and raises questions of the strength of the UFL.


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