Friday Sports Briefs: Baseball Edition

offermanxOfferman Faces Civil Suit  for Bat Attack

Former Boston Red Sox and Long Island Ducks player Jose Offerman was sued in Connecticut federal court in connection with an on-field brawl in which he attacked the opposing pitcher and catcher with his baseball bat.  The catcher, John Nathans, is the plaintiff, and claims that he suffered permanent injuries that ended his baseball career.  He claims damages to the tune of $4.8 million.  Stay tuned for further discussion of this case, including the legal issues involved in a lawsuit arising from an on-field incident.

The Hartford Sued By the Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves have brought suit against the Hartford Financial Services Group concerning an insurance policy covering oft-injured pitcher Mike Hampton.  The coverage dispute appears to hinge upon when and if Hampton was totally disabled. 

barry-bonds_article_2The Trial of Barry Bonds

Michael McCann of discusses whether Barry Bonds can receive a fair trial, and if convicted, the type of sentence that might be imposed.  Here is an except from McCann’s piece:

An obvious concern for Bonds’ counsel is identifying potential jurors who have not formed negative attitudes about their client. Even Bay Area residents with little interest in sports, let alone in the Giants, have likely heard about Bonds and the steroid allegations. And what they have heard is probably unfavorable: Most opinion leaders, radio hosts and bloggers have openly doubted, and sometimes mocked, Bonds’ claims that he never used steroids.

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