CT Sports Law’s Top 10 Story Lines of 2008

As we approach the end of Connecticut Sports Law’s inaugural year, I have compiled a list of the top story lines and accompanying blog posts from 2008.  Thank you for your readership and support and I look forward to another year covering the intersection of sports and the law.

basili-dome1.  UConn and Notre Dame agree to a football series, but not before involving the General Assembly and inciting legions of fans who wonder what gives Notre Dame the right.

UConn-Notre Dame: How Far Should Notre Dame Go to Play in the House that Rockne Built?

UConn Football: Series With Notre Dame Still Under Consideration

UConn v. Notre Dame Update: General Assembly Clears Path to South Bend

2.  University of New Hampshire Quarterback and Massachusetts Native Ricky Santos tries to catch on with NFL team, but is impeded by NFL rule.

NFL Rule Costs UNH Quarterback Golden Opportunity

3.  Coaching contracts and the trend of buyout clauses, from Jim O’Brien to Rich Rodriguez to Greg Schiano.

Power Struggle: Rodriguez, Schiano Demonstrate Change in Collegiate Football Coaching Contracts

Three Million Reasons for Carefully Drafting Coaching Contracts

campbell_body_080427_14.  Amateurism in collegiate athletics, from O.J. Mayo to Sonny Vaccaro to collegiate baseball to Caleb Campbell.

Is Amateurism Dead in Collegiate Athletics?

The End of Free Agency in NCAA Baseball Leaves Some Players Behind

One and Done: the Effect of the Business Decision on NCAA Basketball

Timing Pattern:  Department of Defense Decision on Caleb Campbell Lacks Thought, Fairness

5.  Colleges and Universities start the trend of hiring attorneys, with little or no experience as collegiate administrators as Athletic Directors.

Notre Dame Set to Hire Sports Attorney As Athletic Director

Another Sports Lawyer Turned Athletic Director

uconn_logo16.  UConn continues to demonstrate that collegiate athletics are big business and Storrs is no exception.

Big Money Heading to Storrs: UConn Athletics and Nike Agree to $45.5 Million Contract

UConn Reaches $80 million deal with IMG College for Media Rights

7.  Changes in the Connecticut sports landscape beg the question of whether there is a market for sports agents in the state.

Robinson & Cole Confirms Interest in Sports Agent Business

Is there a market for sports agents in Connecticut?  Next Question!

8.  The Patriots, Red Sox and the Law.

Manny Being Manny or Boras Being Boras?

Breaking Down the Red Sox Boycott; Youkilis on the Parol Evidence Rule

Home Field Advantage: Patriots Prevail in Suit Against Club Seat Ticket Holder in Case Before Massachusetts High Court

Spygate Observations: Roger Goodell, Arlen Specter and Ted Kennedy

hcc9.  Will Hartford Build a New Downtown Arena or host a new UFL Franchise?

A New Hartford Civic Center: Fantasy or Reality?

Speaker Amann’s Retirement: Will it Affect Plans for a New Arena?

UFL Yet to be Discussed by CT Sports Advisory Board

10.  Ben Berger uniquely covers the sports law and business issues of Major League Soccer.

U.S. Immigration Policy: Encouraging a Soccer Pipeline from Cuba?

MLS Record $10 Million Transfer Carries Unique Risk for Villarreal

Freddy Adu and Player Loan Agreements in Professional Soccer

Superliga’s Second Year Brings Success, Union Tension


  1. Dan, what a fine job and wonderful blog compiled by you this year. Looking forward to your well written articles in 2009 and love the new “look and feel”

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