Should Donald Brown Stay at UConn?

dbrownDonald Brown announced that he would return to UConn for his senior year, forgoing the NFL following an award-winning season.  Brown, who will graduate in the spring, will pursue graduate studies while playing one more season for the Huskies.  Although UConn fans are rejoicing at the news, is Brown’s decision to return to school a sound decision?

Brown has cited his desire to play in the Orange Bowl as his reason for returning to UConn.  That, combined with the fact that he’ll pursue a graduate degree, provide compelling reasons to return.  Moreover, if Brown enjoys the college life, he should stay and enjoy one more year.

However, from a business standpoint, Brown’s decision is questionable.  Consider Brown’s accomplishments this season:

  1. Led the nation in rushing
  2. Named Big East Offensive Player of the Year
  3. Named Second Team All-American
  4. Named Second Team Walter Camp All-American

Brown will be hard-pressed to match these accomplishments next year.  In addition, the NFL closely monitors a running back’s “mileage.”  Another year of carrying a heavy load for UConn is unlikely to improve Brown’s NFL prospects while adding wear and tear to his NFL-ready body.  UConn Head Coach Randy Edsall says that he’ll continue to investigate Brown’s draft prospects, leading to the inference that Brown could ultimately change his mind.

From a business perspective, Brown will be taking as significant risk by playing another year of college football.  Brown would be wise to guard against this risk by purchasing an insurance policy – See Willis McGahee, who took out an insurance policy a mere 5 hours before blowing out his knee in 2004.  Nevertheless, Brown knows the risks and he knows the potential rewards.  For him this decision must be about more than business.


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