NFL Leaves Most Patriots Fans in the Cold for Game vs. Jets

Approximately 70,000 New England Patriots fans are preparing to brave the elements to watch tonight’s game against the New York Jets.  However, the fans really left in the cold are those who live outside of the Boston area, where the NFL has decided not to simulcast the game on local television channels.  Only fans in the Boston metropolitan area and Manchester, New Hampshire, will be able to see the game simulcast on ABC affiliates.  The rest of New England – including Hartford – will not be able to watch the game unless their cable provider offers NFL Network and they subscribe to the channel.

The NFL once again blames the cable companies for shutting fans out.  But to restrict New England to the Boston area is shameless, no matter who is responsible. 

“The rest of the year they are the New England Patriots, but this week they are the Boston Patriots.” -Sena Fitzmaurice, Comcast Senior Director of Corp, Communications & Government Affairs

 Once again, while fans should be talking about an exciting November football game between two teams vying for first place, they are talking about broadcasting rights.


  1. This is certainly one drawback to the NFL network games. I don’t necessarily have a problem with a game being played on a Thursday, but the NFL should use some discretion when deciding who can simulcast the game over the air and who can’t. The NFL really needs to make more games available to fans.

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