Another Sports Lawyer Turned Athletic Director: Indiana Hires Glass

Indiana University has followed the lead of neighboring Notre Dame and filled its Athletic Director’s position with a sports attorney.  Attorney Fred Glass has been prominently involved in the construction of Lucas Oil Stadium and with bringing a Super Bowl to Indianapolis.  Now he will lead Indiana’s Athletic Department.

Given the complexity of coaching contracts, including buyout and termination clauses, the dollars involved with sponsorship deals, media deals and the watchful eye of the NCAA, hiring an attorney as athletic director makes sense.

Moreover, consider Indiana’s recent experience former basketball coach Kelvin Sampson:

  • Sampson was hired by Indiana despite the school’s knowledge that he had broken NCAA rules while at Oklahoma;
  • Sampson was well aware that he could not afford additional problems with the NCAA;
  • Sampson then proceeded to break the same rules he violated at Oklahoma and got caught.

Despite it all, Indiana did not feel comfortable simply firing Sampson.  Rather, Indiana negotiated a buyout to the tune of $750,000.

Hopefully Glass can ensure that Indiana’s future contracts provide the school with the power to deal with coaches who violate the rules appropriately, without the necessity of a buyout.

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  1. […] Another Sports Lawyer Turned Athletic Director […]

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