UConn Reaches $80 Million Deal with IMG College for Media Rights

The business side of UConn athletics continues to flex its considerable muscles.  In yet another example of the intersection of collegiate athletics and big business, UConn has announced that it has entered into an $80 million contract with IMG College to manage all of UConn’s media rights over a ten-year period.  The contract awaits approval from the state Attorney General’s Office.

IMG will manage all rights with the exception of radio, which will become part of the agreement after UConn’s contract with WTIC expires in three years.  UConn is encouraging IMG to maintain the relationship with WTIC as the University’s flagship radio station upon expiration of the current agreement.  UConn will continue to manage its existing women’s basketball broadcast contract with Connecticut Public Television (CPTV) and its 10-year apparel agreement with NIKE. 

UConn’s contract with IMG comes only 3 months after it was announced that UConn and Nike agreed to a partnership that would pay the university $45.5 million for exclusive sponsorship rights to UConn athletics. 

For more details on the agreement, see UConn’s official announcement on uconnhuskies.com.


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