Sports Briefs: Morals Clauses, Chad Ocho Cinco, LPGA English Requirement

Brian Socolow, a partner at Loeb & Loeb, LLP, offers an excellent article on morals clauses in player contracts with their teams and the companies that they endorse.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson will only have his new surname, “Ocho Cinco,” on the back of his jersey once he pays Reebok for the remaining stock of “C. Johnson” jerseys.  That could reportedly cost Ocho Cinco upwards of $700,000.  Fantasy football leagues are already using referring to Chad as Ocho Cinco.

The LPGA has reversed field on its requirement that its golfers speak English, or face suspension.  The rule – intended to keep corporate sponsors happy – was defeated in part from State Farm, a corporate sponsor that spoke out against the English requirment.


  1. requiring players to be fluent in english should only apply during application of U.S. Citizenship – something that the LPGA shouldn’t be worrying about. As for Ocho Cinco…if he wants the name that bad…it’ll cost $700k

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