Is There a Market for Sports Agents in Connecticut? Next Question!

Since Connecticut Sports Law was launched in March, I have often been asked whether there is a market for sports agents in the Constitution State.  On the heels of Robinson & Cole’s attempt to enter the business, those questions have only increased in frequency.  Here are a couple thoughts on the market:

  1. The market for sports agents does not appear to involve a locality element.  With today’s technology a player’s agent can live virtually anywhere and provide representation to a professional athlete.  This factor is a positive for aspiring agents in Connecticut, since we have no professional teams in the four major professional sports.  But for those aspiring agents who believe that they can corner the market on in-state talent, they will find competition from agents from the entire country.
  2. To say there is a market for agents implies a general need for agents.  However, the market is absolutely saturated.  Consider the National Football League: the vast majority of its player agents have no clients.  Agent Jack Bechta, of the National Football Post, estimates that only 40 agents represent more than 10 players.  In Connecticut, however, only 14 agents have registered with the State of Connecticut (as required by statute) and only 3 of those agents list a Connecticut address.  Therefore, there are very few Connecticut-based agents plying their trade.

The agent business is rife with competition.  Given the fact that the business is national, not necessarily state-based, a Connecticut agent has as good a chance as anyone at success.  For those interested in becoming an agent, check out the following resources:

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