UConn Football Kickoff: What to Watch in 2008

With the UConn Football team kicking off their season tomorrow night against Hofstra, here are a few things to keep in mind while cheering on Randy Edsall’s Huskies:

  1. Randy Edsall is coaching under a new contract, which includes a $1.5 buyout clause should he leave UConn after this season.  Rich Rodriguez left West Virginia for Michigan despite a whopping $4 million buyout clause.  Will another post-season bowl appearance make Edsall a hot commodity for big-time coaching positions?  If so, will $1.5 million keep him from jumping ship?
  2. When sitting in your seat at Rentschler Field, look left, look right and look up.  Imagine an extra 10,000-15,000 seats in the stadium.  Then imagine Penn State on the field in their white road uniforms playing UConn.  This is the vision Edsall has for the program.
  3. Notice that you cannot see the gold dome of the state capitol from Rentschler Field.  This a good thing.  As the UConn-Notre Dame negotiations demonstrated, the legislature should not stick its nose in the increasing complex world of Division I football series agreements.  Like church and state, football and state politics should remain separate.
  4. Speaking of gold domes, UConn will be playing Notre Dame in 2009, in the House that Rockne Built.  Will UConn be ready to play Notre Dame on a national stage? 


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