Sports Briefs: New Haven Little Leaguer Banned; Business of Favre, PSLs; Dan Orlovsky

A New Haven youth baseball league has banned a 9-year-old from pitching, because his 40-mile per hour fastball is too fast.  New Haven Attorney John Williams is planning to meet with the player’s parents to discuss available legal options.

To read about the business that is Brett Favre, see Andrew Brandt’s article on The National Football Post.  As a former Packers’ executive, Brandt provides a unique perspective on all things Favre.

With the New York Jets set to release Personal Seat License details this week, a protest was staged at this past weekend’s preseason game against the Giants.  Unfortunately, only 50 people showed up.  For more on the new stadiums of the Jets, Giants, Mets and Yankees, see Richard Sandomir’s article published in the New York Times.

Former UConn star Dan Orlovsky, is set to back up Jon Kitna at quarterback for the Detriot Lions.  Orlovsky is in the last year of his contract with the Lions.

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