Northland Investment Corp. Behind UFL Team in Hartford

The Hartford Courant reports that Northland Investment Corp. is the prospective owner of the UFL franchise that would call Hartford home.

A few important points:

Although the UFL Commissioner, Michael Huyghue, reported to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King that the Hartford team would play at Rentschler Field, the operators of the stadium have not been involved in Northland’s talks with the UFL:

“It is not certain whether the franchise will be Hartford based and it is entirely premature to state that the team will be playing at Rentschler Field.” -statement from Northland Investment Corp.

Huyghue also said that the New York team would play the Met’s new home, CitiField – an assertion denied by the Mets.

The prospect of Michael Vick playing in the UFL has attracted considerable attention:

“Michael’s not going to be able to walk right back into the NFL…He’s going to need some kind of buffer before he signs in the NFL, and we’ll be able to provide that for him.” -Michael Huyghue, UFL Commissioner

The locations of UFL franchises appear to be speculative at this stage.  For Hartford fans, a wait and see approach is recommended.  Nevertheless, does anyone have any ideas for a team name?


  1. The Hartford heartbeat. If Jim Calhoun agreed to coach they would sell out every game

  2. How about the Hartford Hallucinations, since the prospect of this team ever playing a down of football is nothing more than a delusion… a mirage… a figment of Larry Gottesdeiner’s imagination. Besides, how likely is it that the state government is going to allow a team that will compete against UConn Huskies football for ticket-buying customers and corporate sponsors to use state-owned Rentschler Field as a home?

  3. Dan Fitzgerald says:

    Corbin, a UFL team in Hartford may well be a longshot…but I doubt the presence of a UFL team will compete with UConn football. UConn attracts a variety of fans, from the hardcore to those who just have a connection with the University. Only die-hard fans will show up to watch a pro football “B-league.”

  4. Hartford Hooks
    For tomhas hooker and the Connecticut River


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