Sports Briefs: Rovell on NCAA Fantasy Games, UConn’s Donald Thomas, Former NFL Executive Launches blog

As a follow-up to the Connecticut Sports Law article regarding the use of players’ names in college fantasy football games, see Darren Rovell’s recent post on his Sports Biz blog.  Rovell, CNBC’s sports business guru, writes that he has played fantasy football for 4 years using players’ names (although not through a major provider such as CBS).  He also comments on the relationship between the NCAA and CBS and the NCAA’s assertion that its rules are being violated:

It’s ironic since CBS is the organization that provides more money to the NCAA (through the March Madness television contract) than any other network. The Wall Street Journal reported that the NCAA sent the Web site a letter stating that NCAA bylaws were being violated by using the players “likenesses.”  But that was the mistake MLB made [referring to the case of Major League Baseball Advanced Media v. CDM Fantasy Sports Corp.].  Names tied to stats are not likenesses, it’s simply relevant math.

In UConn football news, former Husky lineman Donald Thomas is running with the starting offensive line for the Miami Dolphins.  Brown, a 6th round draft pick of the Dolphins, is featured in this article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Michael Lombardi, a former NFL executive for the Broncos, Raiders, Browns, Eagles and 49ers has launched the blog Lombardi on the NFL.  Lombardi offers an insider’s perspective on the NFL and league personnel matters.   His candor and scout’s analysis of players will be enjoyed by fans and fantasy football owners alike.  Lombardi also writes a column for

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