Billy Andrade on the Business and Legal Aspects of the PGA

PGA golfer Billy Andrade graciously addressed the Connecticut Bar Association’s Sports & Entertainment Law Section at a reception at the Travelers Championship in Cromwell.  Andrade made some interesting points about the interplay between sports lawyers and sports lawyers in professional golf:

  • Andrade said that Grant Hill’s contract changed the landscape for many sports, including golf.  Hill, rather than hiring an agent to negotiate his contract (and paying an agent a percentage of his earnings), hired an attorney to negotiate the contract.  Hill paid his attorney on an hourly basis for negotiating the contract, thus saving a significant amount of money.
  • Many professional golfers rely upon their agents to involve an attorney when necessary.  Andrade believes that an independent attorney can potentially be more effective and protect the athlete to a greater extent than an attorney essentially working on the same team as the agent.

Andrade also discussed his successful charity that he founded with Brad Faxon, the Billy Andrade-Brad Faxon Charities for Children.  Best of luck to Billy in the Travelers Championship.


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