Recent Perspectives in Sports Law

Here are some noteworthy and recent articles detailing various sports law issues:

Rick Karcher of Sports Law Blog writes on Sports Media Ethics (or lack thereof) (see March 24, 2008 entry), detailing the Sports and the Media forum held at the Sports Lawyers Association Conference.  Karcher adopts a critical view of the sports media, arguing that inaccuracies and intrusion into sports figures’ private lives appear to be tolerated more in the sports arena than in other industries.  Karcher blames the problem, in part, on a lack of accountability for reporters:

In my view, the problem is that the media determines what is “newsworthy,” combined with the fact that (1) there is no external mechanism or independent body to enforce their ethics codes (like the state bar enforces ethics codes in the legal profession) and (2) the First Amendment trumps state tort laws in the courts.

For Connecticut Sports Law’s coverage of the Sports Lawyers Association Conference in San Francisco, see:

Sarah Kellogg provides an in-depth take on steroids in baseball in Juiced: Congress, Steroid and the Law, an article in Washington Lawyer magazine:

There is a terrific disconnect between what is known about PEDs, what is imagined about them, and what can be done about them. They are legal. They are regulated. There are disputes about their efficacy. There are even disagreements about their dangers. And, there is no cost-effective way to broadly measure use—or abuse.

In Connecticut news, all has been quiet on the UConn-Notre Dame football series front.  However, the deal has not yet been completed.  Coach Randy Edsall:

 “I still think there are a few issues that have to be resolved.”

For Connecticut Sports Law’s coverage of the UConn-Notre Dame series, see:

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