Speaker Amann’s Retirement: Will it Affect Plans for a New Arena?

House Speaker James A. Amann, D-Milford, surprisingly announced his plans to retire from the legislature and run for Governor in 2008.  While commentators have been busy analyzing the effect on the political landscape, Speaker Amann’s resignation may also significantly impact the sports landscape.

Speaker Amann was the driving force behind the state’s tax incentive program to attract filmmakers to Connecticut and the “Hollywood East” task force, which provided recommendations to build and sustain an infrastructure to support the film industry.

Most recently, Speaker Amann has taken a leading role in the movement to replace the Hartford Civic Center (now the “XL Center”) with a new downtown arena.  Whether Speaker Amann will continue his involvement in these efforts to build a new arena is unknown.  Perhaps more important, is the question of whether he will have the political clout to push the construction of arena forward without the title of “Speaker.”  Considering the state of the economy and the fact that a new arena will rely heavily on public financing, the General Assembly may not feel compelled to continue to support the arena project without the leadership of Speaker Amann.  Of course, should Speaker Amann be elected Governor in 2010, an increased emphasis on the sports industry may result.


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