UConn Football: Series with Notre Dame Still Under Consideration

The Hartford Courant’s Jeff Jacobs discussed the dilemma of UConn’s proposed series with Notre Dame in a recent column.  Connecticut Sports Law first discussed this issue in the article UConn-Notre Dame: How Far Should UConn Go to Play in the House that Rockne Built, and Jacobs offers some new insights:

  • Despite the wishes of fans and notions of fundamental fairness, Notre Dame will not consider playing a game in Connecticut, at Rentschler Field.  The issue is not so much about the capacity of Rentschler Field – Boston College’s Alumni Stadium only holds 4,000 more spectators and Notre Dame plays away games there.  The issue is that Notre Dame wants to play in major metropolitan areas, and East Hartford fails to pass muster.
  • The proposed UConn-Notre Dame series is best characterized as an offer, not a negotiation.  Notre Dame has made it clear to UConn that the deal will be on Notre Dame’s terms, or another Big East team will be scheduled.  The only negotiable issue is the length of the contract.
  • UConn Athletic Director Jeff Hathaway and Coach Randy Edsall believe that a series with Notre Dame will (1) help expand UConn’s recruiting base; (2) assist with fundraising and alumni development, as Boston and New York house large alumni bases; and (3) place UConn on a national stage considering Notre Dame’s NBC contract.

UConn’s rationale is difficult to dispute.  Sure, everyone prefers that Notre Dame play at The Rent at least once.  But scheduling Notre Dame, even if every game was to take place in South Bend, is a solid move for UConn.  And if UConn doesn’t like being treated like a second rate football program?  Sign up to play Notre Dame and beat them, on national television. 

The Connecticut General Assembly, which has introduced legislation to prevent UConn from playing home games out of state, should also get on board.  The legislation, as described by Senator Gary Lebeau, was designed to force Hathaway to defend and explain this situation to the public.  Now that Hathaway has provided compelling reasons, the General Assembly has achieved its stated goal.  It is time to close the deal and add Notre Dame to UConn’s schedule. 



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  2. […] UConn Football: Series With Notre Dame Still Under Consideration […]

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