NFL Draft Update: UConn’s Branch, Thomas Ranked in Top 10 at Their Positions

UConn’s Tyvon Branch and Donald Thomas have been ranked in the top 10 draft-eligible players at their respective positions by Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News.  Branch is listed as the fourth best safety prospect in the draft, while Thomas is listed as the tenth best offensive guard prospect.

Without taking any credit away from Branch and Thomas, who are excellent players in their own right, the fickleness of NFL scouts is exemplified by the lack of interest in Danny Lansanah.  Over the last three years, UConn fans could not help but notice Lansanah’s play at linebacker.  Even if you spent most of the game time at the concession stands, Lansanah’s name was a constant over the public address system.  Nevertheless, it appears that the the Huskies leading tackler for the last three seasons will likely be a late-round choice if drafted at all.  With his considerable grit it would be no surprise to see Lansanah make an NFL team as a special teams player and backup linebacker.


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