A New Hartford Civic Center: Fantasy or Reality?

It seems that ever since the City of Hartford lost the NHL’s Whalers, stories have circulated about Hartford making a play for another NHL team.  Most recently, real estate developer Lawrence Gottesdiener attempted to purchase the Pittsburgh Penguins and move them to Hartford.  The NHL did not appear too excited about the prospects of bringing professional hockey back to Hartford, and the Penguins ultimately stayed put.  One of the key issues to bringing the Penguins, or any other team to Hartford, is the viability of the Civic Center.  The Civic Center, or XL Center as it is currently named, is outdated and nearing the end of its useful life.  Although there has not been much talk about bringing another NHL team to Hartford, a new Civic Center is once again a topic of serious discussion.  Below are a few articles and items of interest on this topic:

Stay tuned for more discussion on a new Hartford arena and the viability of professional sports in the state’s capital.


  1. Penguins aren’t going anywhere….demolition of site/construction on new arena underway and latest architectural drawings are apparently too “boring” for steal city counsel…For more on recent professional and collegiate arena issues across the nation, check out:
    see http://www.arenadigest.com/

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  3. This is a pretty cool site. Cant wait to read some more.


  1. […] A New Hartford Civic Center: Fantasy or Reality? […]

  2. […] between Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman renewed excitement for the return of an NHL team to the City of Hartford.  Although the fact that Bettman took a meeting with Perez is […]

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