UConn Football: Bowl Game Not a Rainmaker

For the many UConn fans who assumed that the football team’s appearance in the Meineke Car Bowl was a very profitable venture, UConn has news for you: the bowl game only generated a little more than $25,000 for the University.  That’s not to say that the bowl itself did not involve significant dollars changing hands.  In fact, UConn received $1 million from the Big East Conference and $158,000 in travel expenses.  After expenses, however, UConn was left with a paltry $25,000, according to Grace E. Merrritt of the Hartford Courant.

Here are a few of the ways in which UConn spent their Bowl funds:

  • $199,908 in bonuses to coaches (Head Coach Randy Edsall received ($26,182) and Athletic Director Jeff Hathaway
  • $40,448 to buy a DVD camcorder for each football player and staff member (surprisingly allowed under NCAA rules)
  • $40,245 on sweat suits and practice equipment displaying the Meineke emblem
  • $21,480 to buy tickets to events such as a Charlotte Bobcats basketball game and other area events
  • $61,740 to purchase game tickets for players and staff

Many observers may question UConn’s appropriations of its Bowl funds.  However, these expenditures - defended by UConn as necessary to compete with other schools - signal that UConn is serious about building a strong football program and is willing to spend freely to accomplish this objective. 

Also, the article refers to a source that opines that schools such as UConn do not profit from their athletic programs.  This claim, however, is only accurate because UConn chooses to pour money back into the program.  While UConn might not show a huge profit on the balance sheet, it reinvested the Bowl funds into UConn football because it is best for the program.  Moreover, it is best for the business of UConn football.


  1. Ron Francis says:

    I heard that the Patriots were gonna move to E. Hartford too. April Fools! I think it will be awhile before we see a professional sports team here. We’re stuck between two big markets and just can’t pull in the people.

  2. I was at the game. It is time for the Tire Bowl to raise the payout to $1.5M. $1M these days are not good. BE needs to get these bowls to raise their payouts much more!

  3. My home got hit by lightning last Sunday and my satellite television box got fried. 😦 I am trying to fix it myself. Do you know where I can find parts inexpensively?


    ~Vada leckband~


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