UPDATE: More on Ricky Santos and BC’s Pro Day


I sent an email to Brad Blank, agent for Ricky Santos, in hopes of receiving his perspective on the NFL’s rule that excluded his client from participating at BC’s Pro Day.  Blank stated that the issue is “spilled milk” and he does not wish to dwell upon it, however he was able to clarify the rule and put it into perspective.  Here are the highlights of Blank’s response:

The Rule:  There is no 30-mile limit.  A player may work out at any pro day in the same state in which he plays college football.  Additionally, a player may work out at a college that is within the “major metropolitan district” in which he resides as defined by the Rand McNally Atlas.  The Atlas indicated that Bellingham is not within the same metroplitan district as Chestnut Hill.

The Justification: the NFL’s rule exists to prevent “forum shopping” or in this case pro day campus shopping.  The NFL also doesn’t want to encourage players to jump from pro day to pro day in an attempt to maximize performance and exposure.

Blank also added that as a purely legal matter, he believed the NFL to be well within its rights. 

Many thanks to Brad Blank for taking the time to respond to my email and offer his insight.  The NFL’s decision may have hurt Santos’ draft status, but there will be no shortage of fans rooting for Santos to get a shot to play in the NFL.


  1. Great post! Lovely!

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