Welcome to Connecticut’s First Sports Law Blog!

I have created this blog to share information and initiate discussion of the prevailing sports law issues in Connecticut and beyond.  This blog is the first of its kind in this sports-rich state.  Although casual observers may believe that sports law is only practiced, or even relevant, in New York and California, a closer examination reveals that Connecticut is rife with legal issues relating to sports and athletics.  Consider, for example, the presence of sports in this state: the many NCAA-member colleges and universities – 19 at last count; the successful minor league baseball teams that call Connecticut home; the Travelers Golf Championship in Cromwell; the presence of the WNBA team, the Sun; and not to be forgotten, the former Hartford resident and NHL team, the Whalers.  Each of these entities either face their own legal issues or can find perspective by examining similar legal issues arising across the country.  I look forward to exploring these issues with you, and will be counting on your participation and readership to make this blog successful.  Please feel free to contact me to ask questions, suggest topics or discuss the legal issues of the day.


  1. […] 1 Year Online: THANK YOU READERS AND SUPPORTERS! Today marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of Connecticut Sports Law.  The blog has attracted more attention, and more visits than I ever could have anticipated.  I […]

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