UPDATE: The Hartford Courant Weighs In on UConn, Moore

John Altavilla of the Hartford Courant writes that the NCAA was alerted of the alleged violation of the Southeastern Conference following a Complaint by UConn’s nemesis, Tennessee.  Apparently the Complaint arises, at least in part, from a heated rivarly that has clearly moved beyond the confines of the basketball court and resulted in Tennessee’s cancelling its annual series with UConn:

UConn coach Geno Auriemma told The Courant last summer that Summitt “should just come out and say she’s not playing us because she hates my guts. And I think people would buy that. Then everyone [who seeks a reason] would be happy. She should just say that [Geno is] a dope, a smart-ass and then everyone could say that they agree with her.”

The Courant reported this summer that UConn defended itself from other allegations made by the SEC and Tennessee regarding improprieties in the recruitment of Moore, who has set a UConn freshman record with 585 points this season and leads the team at 17.7 a game. Summitt has said the loss of Moore to UConn was the greatest recruiting disappointment of her career.

The SEC complaint alleged that Moore accepted rides from former UConn players Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi in the spring of 2006. Bird and Taurasi were forced to provide documents to the NCAA showing they were in Russia at the time playing professionally. 

 In addition, Altavilla reports that UConn equates the violation with a parking ticket, adding that only punishment UConn expects to receive is a letter from the NCAA.

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