Sports Law Careers: Sports Lawyer or Sports Agent?

A veteran sports lawyer recently suggested that I include more information concerning careers in sports law on Connecticut Sports Law.  The point is well taken.  I receive frequent inquiries from students looking to become part of the sports industry, and am glad to share what information I have.  Keep an eye out for future posts on this subject, filed under the category “Sports Law Careers”.

jerrymaguiremoneyWhether the inspiration is Leigh Steinberg, Drew Rosenhaus or Scott Boras, most young people are drawn to the sports industry with hopes of becoming the next great sports agent.  I was no different.  After law school, I investigated the path to becoming an NFL agent.  I read books, online materials, and spoke with both agents and lawyers for guidance on how to break into the sports industry, and what role would best suit me.  Ultimately, I determined that I was better suited to be a sports lawyer rather than a sports agent

I think that most law students, or those considering law school struggle with this initial question – do you want to be a sports agent or sports lawyer?  If you were initially attracted to the role of sports agent, a good place to start is to investigate the industry and job requirements. 

Here is some suggested reading to begin your fact-finding mission:

Jack Bechta, The Agent’s Journal

How does one become an agent?  Must an agent attend law school or obtain an master’s degree in sports management?  Bechta, a successful NFL Agent shares his opinions in The Agent’s Journal, a column on The National Football Post.  The following links lead to his two-part post on how to become an agent, as well as a recent example  of a sports “outsider” securing a high profile job in the NFL.

Two paths to becoming an agent

Becoming an agent: part two

Getting through the back door

Next Question, by Drew and Jason Rosenhaus; A Shark Never Sleeps by Drew Rosenhaus

Rosenhaus, no matter how controversial a figure, cannot and should not be ignored.  His story appeals to anyone who seeks entry into the competitive sports industry.   Both Next Question and A Shark Never Sleeps are quick beach reads that are worthwhile.  See my review of Next Question for more information.

The Business of Sports Agents, by Kenneth Shropshire and Timothy Davis

The Business of Sports Agents is a solid, well-researched book covering the history of agents in sports, ethical issues, the all-important challenge of getting clients, and the laws and regulations governing agents.

The Sports Agent Blog

Published by Darren Heitner,the Sports Agent Blog is a great source of sports business news, and information concerning subjects such as contract negotiation, sports law, sports business and even reviews of sports business books.


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